Aspects of Love


A pictorial exposition of different relationships between the opposite sexes.  Featured are Loves Brutality, Loves Exploitation and Love Divided.  In total there are eight scenarios all of which were exhibited at Dino’s Art Café’ Limassol Cyprus.

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Hard Edged Women


Takes an exaggerated look at women with a harder side to their character.  They are women in control, taking no shit, dominant and defiant sometimes heroic.

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Movie Icons - 2010 Calendar


Movie Icons 2010 is a calendar to raise funds for the cancer charities in Cyprus.  The inspiration for the project was classic iconic movie images where we re -created our own still version of the film while trying to keep a feel for the movie.  All the main models are people who have been, or are going through, various treatments for cancer.  This was to give a positive outlook to other sufferers by saying “Hey, look what we are doing.  You can be strong too.” 

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